High-Throughput Automated Sample Transfer Processing System || CDS-600
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Core Functions

  • The system integrates multiple functions, such as capping and de-capping, code scanning, and sample transfer, and completes accurate tube collection and sample dispensing to the 96-Round deep well plate efficiently and automatically.
  • The system is supported by an ultraviolet disinfection system and negative pressure HEPA filtration system.
  • It generates reliable results for mixed tests.
  • Its touchscreen supports operation monitoring.





High Efficiency

  • It can complete a daily workload of 25 people and process about 14,000 samples.
  • It supports the detection of the mixture of 10 samples and thus increases the detection efficiency by 10 times (more than 100,000 tests per day).
  • The detection efficiency is 14 times higher than that of manual work, reducing the laboratory space by more than two thirds.
  • It starts at one click. No human interventions are needed in the whole process.


  • It is compatible with most of the virus collection tubes of 5ml, 10ml, and 15ml on the market.
  • It can be used in many scenarios, such as Mobile laboratories and hospitals.
  • It can bear long-distance transportation.


  • It is equipped with an HEPA filtration system and ultraviolet disinfection equipment and has a unique anti-cross-contamination design to effectively ensure the safety of workers and samples.
  • It is equipped with a negative pressure HEPA filtration system and an ultraviolet disinfection system to avoid pollution and ensure safety and reliability.
  • Human intervention is not needed during the process of virus sample handling to ensure the personnel safety.
  • The PCR board is rotated for loading samples, and the working area is separated from the waiting area to avoid cross-contamination.


  • QR codes that contains the information of the trays, the virus collection tubes, and the reagent board are recorded throughout the whole process. Holes in the tray and the reagent plate correspond to each other. The information is permanently saved.
  • All trays will be recycled after the final test results are confirmed negative.
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Technical Parameters


MRA-CDS-600   High-throughput Automated Sample Transfer Processing system





Power Supply







Rated Power


Working Enviroment

Ambient Temperature


Relative Humidity

20%RH-80%RH, no condensation

Main Functions

Automatic System of Prepocessing of Liquid samples

Integration of multiple functions such as capping and decapping, scanning, sample transfer etc.

Supported by an ultraviolet disinfection system and negative pressure HEPA filtration system



576 Samples/Hour

Type of Plate

96 Round Deep Well Plate

Pipetting Performance

Pipetting Method

Based on the method of Air Displacement

Volume Range


Pipetting Capacity (With 1ml tip)

10ul:< 3.5%;100ul<0.75%;1000ul<0.75%

Pipetting Accuracy (With 1ml tip)


Robot Arm Accuracy

X-Y-Z: ±0.1mm

Barcode Scanner

2D Scanner Sensors

Safety Protection

UV Light

18*2W(Disinfection from all Angles)

HEPA Negative Pressure System

-2Pa ~ -5Pa air supply, return air filter H14 level

Tube Compatibility

Fit for 5ml, 10ml or 15ml Transport tube with screwcap



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1.Q:Does the products have CE/ROHS certificate?
A:All products are under CE, GS, PSE, ETL, CETL, SAA, CQC regulations and compliance to RoHS, PAHS, REACH. 

2.Q:What's the payment method?
A:T/T: 30% deposit before production, the balance before shipment.
L/C: irrevocable L/C at sight.

3.Q:Can we print our own brand?
A: yes, before that, please provide a brand authorization letter to us, and advise the quantity.

4.Q:How long will the order take to make?
A:Under regular production capacity, it takes 25 days after your confirmation of details.

5.Q:What are can we launch this product?
A:Our ultrasonic cleaners are widely spread to Jewelry, Optical, Instrument, Cosmetics and Medical Industries.