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July 07,2022

From "11.11", "Black Friday" to "Chop Monday" and shopping festivals in Southeast Asia (6.6, 7.7, etc.), the big promotion days have become a happy time for consumers and brands.


Despite the surge in e-commerce usage during Covid-19, a recent report by Facebook and Bain & Company found that 43% of shoppers in the region made their first online purchase on the big sale day .


The report uses data from the GlobalWebIndex survey team involving 3,919 internet users aged 16 to 64 in six Southeast Asian countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam).


Among consumers who are shopping online for the first time during the big promotion day, Thailand and Vietnam have the highest proportions, 64% and 53% respectively, Singapore is 30%, and Indonesia and Malaysia are 37% and 38% respectively.


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At the same time, the report also shows that social media is crucial for new product and brand promotion, with 63% of respondents saying that they mainly rely on social media to discover new products. Among first-time online shoppers, this figure is 66%.


Specifically, Filipino consumers accounted for 77%; followed by Vietnam (72%) and Thailand (68%). Additionally, video is fast becoming the primary tool for discovering new products.


Among consumers who discovered new products on social media, 62% of online shoppers said they purchased products through in-stream video ads, followed by short video ads at 51%.


Despite the endless variety of promotions, Southeast Asian consumers are never bored, on the contrary, they are well prepared for it.


The study found that 72% of consumers in Southeast Asia plan ahead of promotions. Rather, they are prepared to buy high-priced products, mainly smartphones (56%), home living (52%) and electronic devices (51%).


Also included are home appliances (47%), sports, health and wellness (43%), and fashion and accessories (42% for men and 40% for women).


There are also categories that consumers buy on a whim, mainly food and beverages (47%) and men’s and women’s fashion (39% and 37%, respectively).


According to the report, consumer spending behavior varies from country to country. For example, in Vietnam, home life and household groceries are the most popular categories; in the Philippines, the most popular impulse shopping categories are beauty, skin care and personal care.


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