MegaRobo Cooperates with Shanghai ACCU-MEA Technology Co., Ltd. to Achieve Intelligent and Automatic Gene Therapy of Enabling Cells

June 25,2022

On June 15, 2022, MegaRobo technology announced that it had reached a strategic cooperation with Shanghai ACCU-MEA Technology Co., Ltd. the two sides will deeply integrate their own technical advantages in the fields of intelligent automation of biological laboratories and Biopharmaceutics, jointly develop an overall solution for cell and gene therapy (hereinafter referred to as CGT) products and services, and accelerate the process of drug research and development in the field of CGT.




In recent years, CGT has developed into a new treatment. Different from small molecule and antibody drugs, CGT has great application potential for many diseases that cannot find drug targets because it can directly act on genetic materials, and has brought breakthrough new treatment options for many rare diseases and tumor diseases. However, because CGT products adopt special delivery and treatment mechanisms, it is necessary to develop non-traditional and extensive bioanalytical testing methods and strategies to prove their safety, effectiveness and stability, which is very important for all stages of CGT product development, manufacturing and post marketing monitoring.


In this cooperation, MegaRobo technology and Shanghai ACCU-MEA Technology Co., Ltd. will carry out cooperation around mRNA quality research and control, cell therapy quality research and control, cell culture process development, virus vector production, gene function research, and focus on strengthening the investment in automatic sample processing, delivery vector production process, culture process optimization and quality control technology.


Dr. Shi LV, founder and CEO of Shanghai ACCU-MEA Technology Co., Ltd., said: "In recent years, with the continuous improvement of relevant regulatory systems, the urgent needs of patients and technological innovation have promoted the rapid development of the CGT industry. Adopting advanced and effective quality control methods and quality standards, and optimizing process development and production processes are important links to ensure the effectiveness of its therapy. This time, Shanghai ACCU-MEA Technology Co., Ltd. and MegaRobo have made strategic cooperation to take advantage of the advantages of both sides, boost the growth of the industry through technological innovation and experience accumulation, and It also provides all-round support for CGT R & D and production, and helps the CGT industry develop with high quality and high speed. "


Dr. wangchengzhi, chief scientist of MegaRobo technology, said: "Cell and gene therapy is a potential form of treatment after chemical and biological drugs, and has shown excellent therapeutic ability in many clinical trials. At present, the main pain points in the field of CGT include high cost, no unified production and testing standards, etc. this strategic cooperation with Shanghai ACCU-MEA Technology Co., Ltd. is an important layout of MegaRobo in the field of life and health, and MegaRobo's exploration of intelligent automation technology for CGT An important attempt at karmic empowerment. "


Mr. huangyuqing, founder and CEO of MegaRobo technology, said: "Cell and gene therapy, as a new treatment method, has brought innovative treatment options to many rare diseases and tumor diseases. We are glad to carry out in-depth cooperation with Shanghai ACCU-MEA Technology Co., Ltd. in this field. With the help of ACCU-MEA's rich experience in the field of biopharmaceutical and MegaRobo's technology accumulation in the field of Laboratory Intelligent Automation, we work together to improve the R & D capacity and efficiency of the cell and gene therapy industry and reduce the R & D cost Cost to benefit more patients. "